Hopeverse are games and framework bring gamers into the realm of Web3.

Our Challenges

No Web2 or Web3 games

Ensure that all gamers are unaware that this is a Web3 game. Gamers can fun with games and Web3 is topup features.

Online Items not NFT

Gamers will own Online items , It's can be Web3 item (NFT) and Web2 (ex Steam Item) can be use together in games.

Hide Web3 Inconvenient

Web3 / NFT technology under the carpet. No difference between traditional game and web3 games. Hide inconvenient experiecen as possible.

Our Journey

Land of Hope (2021)

We publish prototype game Land of Hope. For testing game framework development.

Screw Up (2022)

We release “ScrewUp” on Steam. And sale 15K+ copy without marketing budget. Mostly Positive

Hopeland (2023)

We release Hopeland on steam as public playtest. And will sale with in 2024 Our game won Epics Megagrants from Epic Games 2022 


Games & In Game SDK

Both from our first and third party , will integrate with our Web3 SDK for topping up Web3 features to games.


Workshop is dapp on browser (or mobile). Let players directly manage their NFTs and charge HOPE TOKEN in return


As Meme or Point token designed as a cornerstone to transform "Hopeverse" as entirely community-driven.

We are seeking ways to distribute the HOPE token equitably among the active community members.

Let's get in the train !!!

Fair Launch

Team has no token. All of token add to LP. LP was burnt and owner renounced. (Mint disabled)

Use as operation fee

All Operation in workshop dapp will use HOPE and HPNT as fee.

Plan available on many chains

More Utilities

HPNT will use with workshop as pre-genesis collection. This is one of snapshot rule for HOPE.


Use activity point

You also think it's activity point or meme and trade for fun and profit

You are active community

Who hold and trade HPNT will also count as active community member and will snapshot as point for HOPE airdrop


HPNT will use with pre-genesis stage of WORKSHOP. Use as operation fee and currency to buy NFT (pre-genesis collection)


Jan 08 2024 - Launch HPNT token

Release token add liquidity on Pancakeswap on Zksync.

Within Jan 13 2024 - Complete social media

Complete fundamental social media including dexscreener enhance token info. Also atleast coingecko to list HPNT

Feb 2024 - First version of Workshop system

Release the first version of Hopeverse workshop system and open for test on testnet (zkSync)

Feb 2024 - Publish official update progress on first game "Dead Metro"

It's time to share some progress on our game officially and linearly update the progress to community.

June - July 2024 - Publish first playtest for "Dead Metro"

Release first ever playtest version of game , still no Web3 feature. Just release to promisse community that we can do it.

Jan - Dec 2024 - Join Gamification platform and Launch quest

Try to join with gamification platform such as Galxe , Layer3 , Quest N and more reach more people to join community as possible

May - Aug 2024 - Make the game stable enough to sale / Integrate Web3 feature

Update , upgrade , fix bugs and do many things that game is stable And continous adding web3 features to game.

July - Sep 2024 - Sell copy of game

Sale on steam (and Epic store)

TBD - Hope token airdrop/public sale , NFT Sale

to be announce - one condition our community must be strong enough to launch

Our Games

Hope Land - Available as Public Playtest

Screw Up - Now on sale

Land of Hope (Screw Up prototype)

Rigor Mortis (Tech Demo / R&D on Unreal engine 5)


As Workshop operation fee
As Coin gacha machine
As more utility in future